Top Shelf Cuban Rums

Top Shelf Cuban Rums


Gustazo owns one of the best collection of Top-Shelf Cuban rums anywhere in the US.

(To enjoy neat and slow... or with a little ice only if you must)
Havana Club UNION - 40% (Market price*: $360/bottle) $58/oz
The first Cuban rum which created to match the beautiful and full taste of a prestigious Cuban cigar. Created by selected rum’s bases matured with natural and integrated process of aging in barrels, to match with the Cohiba cigars perfectly. Sweet notes of vanilla, chocolate and flavors of dried fruits.

Havana Club Tributo 2018 - 40% (Market price: $460) $69/oz
The 2018 edition has been crafted from blended rums drawn from 60-year-old casks and part-finished in barrels that had previously held peaty Scotch whisky. A “subtle yet distinctive smoky note” due to the combination of casks. Old leather, honey-drench raisin, and smoke. Limited Edition 2,500 bottles

Havana Club Tributo 2019 - 40% (Market price: $450) $69/oz
The 2019 edition has been crafted from blended rums drawn from 1970s, 1990s and 2010s, french oak casks and then matured for more than 25 years in French oak barrels. Launched at the 2019 Habanos Festival in Cuba. Limited Edition 2,500 bottles

Ron San Cristobal de La Habana - 40% (Market price: $860) $132/oz
Created to celebrate the 480 anniversary of the Ville of San Cristobal de La Habana, today’s Cuban capital. Solera system rums aged from 10 to 25 years. Notes of honey, chocolate and tobacco.

Havana Club 15 Years Gran Reserva - 40% (Market price: $160) $26/oz
Bright and vibrant in colour with strong fruit notes such as raisins and dates with honey sweetness. Very smooth on the palate with notes of chocolate, coconut along with a sharp oaky and short finish

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros- 45% (Market price: $60) $14/oz
The expression of the collective expertise of all Maestros Roneros of Havana Club. The rum is a triple barrel aged blend of 9 to 10 year old rums. Toffee and tobacco with a warming spicy and long finish.

Havana Club Pacto Navio- 40% (Market price: $60) $14/oz
A blend of aged rum bases. Its unique flavor comes from its final selective finishing in French Sauternes wine casks. Cream and rounded sweetness, accented with cinnamon, citrus and spices.

Ron Santiago 25 Years- 40% (Market price: $460) $65/oz
Aged for 25 years in the oldest oak barrels in Cuba. Bottled in 2005 in honor of the 490th anniversary of the city of Santiago de Cuba's founding. Rich and mellow with fine sweetish notes of caramel and vanilla. Notes of dried fruits, coffee and tobacco.

Havana Club Maximo Limited Edition- 40% (Market price $1,900) $290/oz
Handcrafted by Havana Club’s premier Maestro Ronero, Don Jose Navarro using the oldest and most mature rums in Havana Club cellar. Aromas of oak and smoke intermingle with fresh pear and coconut. Rich, ultra smooth with an oaky character along with vanilla, chocolate and a delicious spicy finish. 1000 bottles/year.

Ron Siglo 1/2 - 40% (Market price $1,600) $250/oz
Blend of bases of aged rums that rested in the Rum Cathedral, the "Don Pancho" cellar, for over 90 years. Created to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the “Ron Ligero” , signature rum style of Santiago de Cuba. Limited and unrepeatable production of 3000 bottles.

Ron Santiago 500 Anniversary - 40% (Market price: $5,200/bottle) $850/oz
By far the most exclusive rum produced in Cuba. It is blended from old stocks of rum aged in the Don Pancho cellar, some of which was distilled in the 1930s and earlier. Very limited edition, it was presented in 2014 on the occasion of the city of Santiago de Cuba's 500th anniversary.

Ron Legendario Gran Reserva 15 Years - 40% (Market price: $350/bottle) $73/oz
Genuine taste, woody and dry with a fragrant aroma that comes from its long rest in white oak barrels. Double Gold Medal 2015 International Rum Congress

Ron Isla del Tesoro - 40% (Market price: $620/bottle) $130/oz
From Santiago de Cuba. Formerly used as gifts by the Cuban government. Now available around the world, this exceptional rum is presented in a ceramic bottle and a wooden chest.

Edmundo Dante Grand Reserve 15 Years - 40% (Market price: $250/bottle) $45/oz 
Its name is in honor of the great character Montecristo from Le Comte de Monte-Cristo book. It has been named the best rum of Cuba and consequently one of the best rum in the world. 3000 bottles per year. It belongs to the collection of cigars Montecristo. Vanilla, nuts, coffee and tobacco. Final very long.

Ron Arecha Extra Anejo 15 Years - 38%(Market price: $190/bottle) $38/oz
From the barrels of the Arechabala distillery, one of the oldest in the country and the creators of the Havana Club brand in 1934. Notes of cream, chocolate, caramel, wood and nuts such as walnut and hazelnut.

Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo - 40%(Market price: $190/bottle) $38/oz
This brand was established in 1964 and the rums are made by Cuba Ron S.A. Originally intended for the domestic market, it started exporting their premium line to the world in 2010. Soft, unctuous and delicate with a long and persistent finish.